What is Voltage Optimisation ?

Typically the incoming voltage to a property will vary between 216v and 253v as agreed with the current European Legislation. All domestic electrical equipment is designed to work within a range of 207V and 253V.  But critically the optimum and most efficient supply voltage for these appliances is 220V.  When the supply voltage exceeds 220V waste is generated, in both heat and vibration significantly reducing the life span of the equipment…

As governments all strive to achieve targets in the reduction of greenhouse gases, each VO unit installed could save over a tonne of carbon year on year. And saving electricity in the home saves 3 times as much at the power station.

How Does The Unit Work ?

Installed VO

By constantly monitoring a number of variables from supply voltage and current through to ambient temperature and outgoing ‘demand’, while monitoring the units own performance and then intelligently optimising,.

How Is It Installed ?

Installed in 1-2 hours by a part P qualified electrician, the unit is simply connected between the electricity meter and the distribution board (or consumer unit) without any modifications to the equipment already in the property. Quickly configured and the savings start immediately.

Can it be used with Solar PV installation ?

The Voltage Optimisation unit is designed to complement a Solar PV Installation and will optimise the voltage to the house ensuring the appliances are not subjected to the higher voltages as a result. This reduces the total load drawn from the house and means more of what is being generated by the Solar PV system can be exported! (Please contact Apex Energy for detailed installation instructions for these type of installations.)

It’s a win/win solution.