The Next Generation of Domestic Voltage Optimisation

By optimising the electricity supply to your house and all the electrical appliances within it you can ;-

 Reduce Energy Waste

 Save Money

 Reduce Carbon Emissions

Extend the electrical life of your equipment

Enhance the performance of a Solar PV Installation

Compatible with Electric Vehicle Charging Points


Not only is the Apex VO unit simple to Install , its even simpler to select the right product !!

That’s because Apex have made ONE product that will suit every application no matter how high the supply voltage is or what the maximum load is.

We have built everything you need into ONE product, the product will automatically configure and control everything while you sit back and save money.

10 “ must have”  features that are built into the Apex Domestic VO unit.

Designed Simplicity

Simple to select ! One product suits all domestic applications.

Installed Simply

Installed between your main meter and your existing consumer unit by any suitably qualified electrician in around 30 minutes.

Built To Cope

40A continuously rated plus a fully rated 100A bypass and switching rating ensures the Apex VO unit is in circuit and in “ save Mode “ for Increased savings.

Works with Existing Equipment

No need to fit additional products at additional cost as required by BS7671 such as a Mains Isolator, Miniature circuit Breakers,  RCBO’s.

Uninterrupted Power

The Apex VO unit can switch between” Save Mode” and “Mains mode” and back again without any Interruption to your power supply, this protects sensitive electronic equipment and ensures your equipment does not suffer from a momentary power loss.

Smart Monitoring

No need to constantly measure your voltage supply or have to select a manual tap change setting – The Apex VO unit will measure , configure and control all this for you automatically only operating when the conditions are correct to do so.

Constant Monitoring

The Apex VO unit constantly measures your incoming voltage, If your supply voltage dips or reduces significantly the Apex VO unit has the ability to revert back to mains voltage automatically and without ANY interruption or break to your supply !

No Wiring Changes

No need to make wiring changes to your Distribution board  circuits – The Apex VO unit is fully rated and is able to optimise the supply to your whole house  making greater savings and reducing Install costs.

Smart Metering

An Energy meter, So you can see the difference,  the Apex VO can be supplied along with an energy meter that you can place anywhere in your home , because the Apex VO unit is controlling all the power to your home you can record and compare historic consumption by Kwh, Cost or Carbon.

Piece of Mind

Receive a 3 Year Warranty !  The Apex VO unit requires no maintenance, commissioning  or servicing, And as it only takes a couple of years to pay for itself you can simply sit back and save money !


The Apex Domestic VO unit really is the next generation of Domestic VO products,
Call us to arrange a working demonstration of the product or find out where you can buy one.

Domestic VO


Domestic VO

(With Meter)