• Save Money

    Can reduce the cost of running your applicances.

  • Save Energy

    Saving 1kWh in the home equates to 3kWh at the power station.

  • Reduce CO²

    A typical household could save over a tonne of carbon each and every year.

  • UK Technology

    Designed, developed, & manufactured in the UK.


At Apex Energy we pride ourselves on our In-depth technical expertise to provide technologically advanced energy saving solutions that are affordable and deliver reliable and sustainable energy savings.

We have developed a range of Voltage Optimisation solutions that can be targeted and easily implemented in an affordable way to voltage dependant loads that offer maximum and immediate savings on electrical energy usage.

Apex Energy have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers from the Voltage Optimisation Industry that can advise, consult and Implement strategies that will deliver the projected savings based on ethical values.

Apex Energy are not only concerned with delivering strategies that deliver, we also care about supporting the UK economy as well.

This is why every aspect of our Design , Manufacture, materials and supply chain uses 100% UK sourced skills, labour and materials. We support local businesses and UK suppliers making our products Carbon Footprint as small as possible and that’s why our product carries the “ Made in the UK “ logo with pride !

What is Voltage Optimisation ?

Typically the incoming voltage to your property will vary between 216v and 253v as agreed with the current European Legislation.

All domestic electrical equipment is designed to work within a range of 207V and 253V.

But critically the optimum and most efficient supply voltage for these appliances is 220.

When the supply voltage exceeds 220V waste is generated, in both heat and vibration significantly reducing the life span of the equipment...

How does it work ?

The Apex VO unit is simply connected between your Meter and your Distribution Board...

It will then intelligently optimise the voltage supply to all your electrical appliances in your property.

How do I Save Money ?

When you optimise the voltage to your property you immediately benefit from energy saving because you are reducing WASTE in the form of heat and vibration.

Domestic savings for a typical house could be between 5% and 13%.

and the environment

By using less energy you will directly reduce the amount of carbon emissions you produce - your carbon footprint.